Robertson, J, Redefining CSG “Waste” Water: New Opportunities for Managed Aquifer Recharge (2018) 35 Environmental and Planning Law Journal 188

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This paper canvasses the current state of commentary regarding governance of coal seam gas (CSG) produced water as well as Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR). Some CSG projects in Queensland have been required to undertake aquifer injection trials with CSG associated (or produced) water- essentially government mandated Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR). MAR is where treated water is used to add to groundwater resources in a managed way, by injection bores or infiltration ponds. Regulation of MAR in Australia, as well as worldwide, is typically extremely complex and for many, a disincentive to the process. However, MAR is one way to minimise the effects of CSG extraction on our valuable groundwater resources. The article highlights that research into how we regulate MAR in the CSG context could provide lessons for energy and water security going forward.

Tan, P-L and Robertson, J, Compromising Confidence? Water, Coal Seam Gas and Mining Governance Reform in Queensland and Wyoming in Cameron Holley and David Sinclair (Eds), Reforming Water Law and Governance, From Stagnation to Innovation in Australia, (2018, Springer) ISBN 978-981-10-8977-0,

This chapter considers water reform in the context of resources industries particularly coal seam gas (CSG) and mining in Queensland, Australia and Wyoming, USA. The chapter discusses water governance including recent legislative and administrative reforms in both jurisdictions.